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Business Opportunity - Plan B

Second Limb of the Double Reward Marketing PlanTo enjoy the marketing Plan B, a distributor must first maintain a Personal Sale of 400BV or more whilst under Marketing Plan A. From this BV amount, 200BV will automatically be transferred to Marketing Plan B. The bonus sharing is distributed into FOUR (4) categories as follows: Dynamic Fund 9%*Qualifications and Points calculated to share this fund are as follows: Must have THREE (3) different direct lines with Monthly Personal Sales of 200BV each, which is considered as ONE (1) qualified point.Must have at least FIVE (5) different direct lines with Monthly Personal Sales of 200BV each, which is considered as TWO (2) qualified points.The Diagrams below illustrate the qualification of the Dynamic Fund: * Only for Manager and below. 20% Infinity BonusThe sales of 200 BV of the first direct downline in Marketing Plan B will automatically be passed up to the upline. This is indicated by the letter "L" in t…


Business Opportunity - Plan A

The Unique K-LINK International Marketing Plan

1.74% Pay Out on Business Value (BV)
2.Fair qualification for promotion
3.Low quota (reducing quoto according to rank)
4.Enjoy up to 27 generations of Leadership Bonus (Compression System)
5,Accumulation system (No time limit)
6.No Demotion
7.Well distributed benefits to all levels (No conflict among distributors)
8..Stress free
9.Global profit sharing system
10.Inheritable business

Eleven Lucrative Incentives

1.Retail Profit ±20%
2. Development Bonus 28%
3. Leadership Bonus 30%
4. S.R.E.D. Fund 3%
5. Crown Fund 1%
6. Crown Ambassador Fund 2%
7. Senior Crown Ambassador Fund 1%
8. Royal Crown Ambassador Fund 1%
9. Car / House Fund 3%
10. Year End Bonus 3%
11. Overseas Incentive 2% 74%

Eleven Lucrative Incentives (74%) Summary

Retail Profit ±20%Customer Price - Distributor Price = Retail Profit Development Bonus 28%
Calculation of Leadership Bonus
Leader Bonus for Diamond Manager and Above: At least One (1) Manager line with a monthly Sale…