Six major factors that affect our health:
3.Food and Drink
4.Get enough rest (sleep)
6.Emotional balance

According to the concept of health, rather than the 90% experienced disease is originated from the gout. Toxins gather in the intestine will be attached to the intestinal wall resulting in impaired absorption of nutrients. At the same time will contaminate the blood and cause diseases such as gout, tumors, gout, anemia, arthritis (joint pain), kidney problems and so on.

Toxins in the body is the source of all diseases. (Dr Henry Bieter) If the toxins in our bodies were not removed will interfere with the absorption of nutrients, disrupt the improvement of physical health and mind. (Dr. Bernard Jensen) Leftover food collected in the gut after the rot would be harmful to our bodies and cause diseases and accelerate the aging process.

Common health problems associated with dirty colon:
Toxins in the blood
Stomach ache
Bad breath
Rough skin
Digestive problems
Body odor

K-LINK provide concepts and methods of how to be healthy naturally through the steps as follows:
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CLEANCING : -Pembersihan

Get rid of all the toxins that are harmful and have been piling up for years in the body so that the body is always clean and healthy. Toxins or poisons in our bodies can be derived from the pollution of air and water that we use everyday, fast food (fast food) doped with synthetic chemicals for coloring, flavoring, preservatives, flavoring as the originator of carcinogens cause cancer. Drinks that contain synthetic chemicals such as alcohol, preservatives, colorings, flavorings, sugar seeds / aspartame and carbon dioxide gases that can damage the stomach, as well as drinking water seperte metal element Fe, Al, Mn, Hg, chlorine can damage the kidneys. Bad habits such as smoking, addiction additives, staying up late, do not maintain hygiene, eating / drinking irregular, too heavy to think / work, can cause many health problems.
In certain circumstances continue nebingkat toxins in our body and cause various diseases, so we have to remove it from the body. Cleaning toxins from our body can be done in various ways, one of them with the help of the K-Link products are natural.

BALANCING : -Pengimbangan

Substances ensure a balanced and sufficient food for the body so that the body's cells to work normally. Balanced nutrition is needed by the cells of the body for activities such as vitamins, minerals and other nutrients needed by our bodies to launch, balance the hormonal system as well as acid-base balance in the body.

ACTIVATION : -Pengaktifan

Enables the body's cells to optimize the absorption of nutrients in the body by increasing the intake of nutrients into body cells and blood cells that will help the regeneration of red blood cells and increase oxygen levels in the blood, inhibiting the oxidation process and stimulates cell regeneration of organs for work optimally in improving the body's immune system against the diseases.

DEFENSE : -Pertahanan

By applying the concept of cleansing, balancing and activating be continuing it the immune system in which the body's cells are stimulated to form antibodies to help defend the body from free radical damage and disease. Activation and cleaning process was repeated for 6 months so that our body becomes healthy and strong.


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